Disney Vacation Information

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Disney Vacation Information

Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida have something for everyone. How to make the most of your stay at either one takes some planning.

Disney Vacation Information

Where to Stay

Staying at any of the resorts and hotels on park property is always a great experience, though it can be more expensive. Getting rooms with kitchenette facilities will save money on meals.

Planning the Week

Get maps of the different parks and plan which one to hit first. During major holidays, some parks have one-day-only fireworks or parades, so schedule around those events. Plan to be in a park all day to enjoy the evening shows.

Disney Vacation Information

What to Do First in a Park

Go to the must-do rides as soon as possible. Also, it’s never too early to reserve a place for lunch. Character breakfasts also fill up quickly, so plan accordingly.

The Hidden Mickey’s

While waiting in line, take in some of the hidden features of the park such as Mickey Mouse silhouettes. The basic large circle and two smaller ear circles are everywhere, from cobblestones to architecture carvings, and are there for a fun scavenger hunt.

Disney Vacation Information

Wait until leaving the park to get bulky souvenirs or have them sent to the main gate so you don’t have to carry them all day. Downtown Disney, a free-access shopping area, has many of the same items, so try there for that forgotten gift.

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