Fun Family Vacation & Small Budget

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Fun Family Vacation & Small Budget

Summer is fast approaching and many of us are thinking about family summer vacation.

The economy is not getting any better and most of us “regular” folks are not thinking where will we go on vacation, but can we afford family vacation?

Luckily, due to the bad economy there is lots of vacation deals available. This might be the perfect time to have a fun family vacation on a budget.

Most of the travel agencies and online companies are offering last minute family budget vacations for a reasonable price.

Fun Family Vacation & Small Budget If you are flexible and ready to go within few days you can score fantastic travel deals.

If you are not flexible and you need to plan your family vacation few weeks or months in advance there are ways that you can have a vacation on a budget as well. It will take some research and comparing, but it can be done. You too can plan and enjoy cheap vacations with kids.

Here are some family vacation tips that can help:

  • Decide on your destination first – you might want to consider places that are off-season like Mexico, Puerto Rico, Arizona, Florida, Las Vegas (July-August). Check out sites like TravelZoo, Selloff-vacations, Red Tag Vacation (Canada) or Priceline for the best deals on family budget vacations.
  • Decide if you will be driving or flying – if you are flying sign up for, or – they will send you emails with the best deals almost daily.
  • After you chose your destination purchase an Entertainment Book for the area you will be visiting. At this time of the year the books are half price and it can save you hundreds of dollars in dining and attractions.
  • Purchase your amusement parks or excursion tickets online before you go. This can save you money (average up to 20%) and time waiting in lines.
  • Take your time and collect all the coupons available to you online. Just type into Google search your destination + coupons and see what is available.
  • Make an itinerary for your vacation and incorporate all the coupons and savings you have available. This way you will see how much you are saving. You won’t have to waste family vacation time looking at coupons and deciding where to eat and what to do. I involve my children in the making of the itinerary to make sure that everybody gets equal say on what to do. This also gets them excited about our family vacation on a budget.

Fun Family Vacation & Small BudgetIf you do your homework right and spend some time searching you can find lots of cheap vacations with kids this summer.

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far for fun summer vacation. Sometimes the best and the cheapest vacation destinations are right around the corner…..Camping or renting a cabin in a woods is a perfect option for Fun Family Vacation On a Budget.

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