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Holland is a special world. From a small country, it fanned out in all continents through the sailors, famous merchants, explorers, European famed artists, craftsmen.

Even today, the Netherlands has a special charm, with unique customs, unexpected landscapes and all you want to visit.NETHERLANDS

Much of the country is below the sea level. The lowest point is located at minus 6.7 meters. The highest point has 323 meters and is called “mountain”.

The most common means of locomotion in the Netherlands is the bicycle. Throughout the country there are 16 million bicycles and in Amsterdam their number exceeds the number of inhabitants.

The Dutch are the healthiest citizens in Europe. However, many of them don’t eat cooked dishes daily, limiting themselves to sandwiches with cheese or prepackaged products.


Any Dutch knows at least two languages. Most of them speak, aside from their native language, English. Depending on the region, they also use French or German.

The Dutch law allows any citizen to grow five cannabis bushes, but only for personal use.

It is known that the Netherlands is the country of flowers. A bouquet of 50 tulips costs 5 Euros. In the Netherlands the prostitution is legal and subjected to taxation as any other profession.

The Dutch are among the tallest people in the world, the average height being of 182 cm. There are cases when people have more than two meters.


In the Netherlands there are no less than 1,000 museums, a large number compared to the population of 16 million inhabitants. Naturally, the main visitors are the foreigners who are always visiting them.

The Netherlands is one of the largest brewer producers in the world. Here are the famous brands Heineken, Grolsch and Amstel. However, the Dutch prefer the beer in Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium.

Netherlands is the only country in Europe where there is still a large number of traditional windmills: over 1,180.

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