Let’s Keep Our Eye On The Ball This Memorial Day

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Memorial Day

Full disclosure: I work for a marketing communications agency.

Ok, not exactly breaking news but I wanted to preface my post by saying I get it… I get the fact that advertisers and companies are in business to make money, to move product.

I get the fact that every month of the year offers a veritable plethora (is there any other kind of plethora?) of holidays and special occasions all waiting to be used as part of a sales campaign.

Memorial Day

Believe me, I have written my fair share of ad copy for sales based around a holiday theme. And I am surely not saying to do away with holiday-themed marketing and advertising because, well… it works.

Starting with New Year’s Day right through to Christmas and many points in between, there is no shortage of holiday-themed sales opportunities.

And Memorial Day is no different…

From sales on barbecue grills to great deals on weekend getaways we’ve all seen and heard plenty of Memorial Day themed ads in a variety of mediums.

But I would like to just remind everyone that while you’re eating your 3rd hamburger or downing your favorite cold beverage – all while enjoying a day off from work –

Memorial Day
you take a moment, just a moment, to stop and remember the enormous sacrifice the men and women of our armed forces have made, continue to make and will make in the future.

I have been very fortunate to know and work with some members of our military and my own father – may he rest in peace, served in WWII under George Patton.

So this weekend and on Memorial Day specifically, have a great time with your friends and family. Relax, you work hard, you deserve the break. And go buy that new grill you always wanted, there’s sure to be some great deals out there!

Just stop for the briefest of seconds and think about all the men and women who gave their live and risk their lives every single day just we can continue to live in freedom.

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