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There are a number of games that you can download on your Android device. However there are a few games that have gained immense popularity in recent times. Strategy games are one of those games that have been downloaded millions of times on the platform. If you haven’t already downloaded the game, there are a number of reasons you should give it a try from the original site.

Strategy games are very different from all the other games available on the various in app stores. Although it is a single player game, the motivation level to complete each level on strategy games is always high. You will find yourself trying as hard as you can to move ahead and beat the people who have their names up on the leader board. The game challenges your mind and makes you concentrate hard while trying to solve clues on each round. While all other games do not make you think too much, this is one of those games that requires you to concentrate hard at all times and focus on the game. This in turn exercises your mind and helps you clear your thoughts on a regular basis. While there are various games you can download, strategy games is one of those games that have a fresh and unique approach to Smartphone gaming. This game has been at the top of the charts on Android downloads for games for a very long time.

Strategy games have also turned out to be one of the most addictive games and for good reason too. It is a game that has helped people around the world get better with their personal lives and their profession as well. Strategy games are known to help people develop better presence of mind in real life. Your decision making will be assured and you will move around with confidence. This game improves your pace and your reflex motions as well. Very rarely do you come across a game that benefits you mentally as well as physically. With strategy games you are challenged at each and every level. You will continue pushing yourself to a level that you never thought you could reach before.

Strategy games make you want bigger and better challenges in the game and in life as well. When you start clearing almost impossible levels with your speed and reflexes you will be confident of tackling difficult situations in your personal life as well. This is the confidence strategy games instill in you. With this game you will gain the ability to accept better challenges and challenge other opposition players too in online battles. If you get better at this game you will defeat all opponents with ease and move up the leader board with ease. Your fingers will be a lot more nimble and your ability to react in every situation will have changed completely due to this game.

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