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Disney Vacation Information

Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida have something for everyone. How to make the most of your stay at either one takes some planning.

Disney Vacation Information

Where to Stay

Staying at any of the resorts and hotels on park property is always a great experience, though it can be more expensive. Getting rooms with kitchenette facilities will save money on meals.

Planning the Week

Get maps of the different parks and plan which one to hit first. During major holidays, some parks have one-day-only fireworks or parades, so schedule around those events. Plan to be in a park all day to enjoy the evening shows.

Disney Vacation Information

What to Do First in a Park

Go to the must-do rides as soon as possible. Also, it’s never too early to reserve a place for lunch. Character breakfasts also fill up quickly, so plan accordingly.

The Hidden Mickey’s

While waiting in line, take in some of the hidden features of the park such as Mickey Mouse silhouettes. The basic large circle and two smaller ear circles are everywhere, from cobblestones to architecture carvings, and are there for a fun scavenger hunt.

Disney Vacation Information

Wait until leaving the park to get bulky souvenirs or have them sent to the main gate so you don’t have to carry them all day. Downtown Disney, a free-access shopping area, has many of the same items, so try there for that forgotten gift.


ESTONIA In Estonia, there are nearly one million speakers of the Estonian language, which is part of the Fino-Ugric language family. Estonian is very close as sound to the Finish and the Hungarian. Only 65% of the country’s population is ethnic Estonians, 28% being Russian, the rest – Ukrainians and Byelorussians. The predominant religion is represented by the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church.

The Estonians put in the center of their social preoccupations the family. In the rural areas it is common for the extended family to live together, while in the cities the concept of family is limited to a few individuals with primary degree of kinship. Often newlyweds live with their parents for a couple of years, until they manage to take their life into their own hands.

The Estonian society respects the rules of hierarchy, appreciating those who are older, those with more experience or with a higher social status. Elders are treated with respect because they think they are wise and have life experience. The rule says that they are first presented in a group when they are introduced.

In general, people are calm and reserved, and if you want to integrate easily among them, it is preferable to behave peacefully and rationally, as they do, speaking on a gentle tone and without attracting too much attention to yourself. ESTONIAEstonians are very proud of their culture and traditions, folk music and their stories.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, and although a long time ago it was eclipsed by other towns in the area (Riga, Helsinki), lately it has become a very pleasant and easily accessible for all tourists in Northern Europe. Estonia, although a former Soviet republic, is now “the newest country in Scandinavia” and a visit to Tallinn gives you the opportunity to see the remarkable progress of Estonian culture and history and the wonderful world heritage protected by UNESCO.

Now Stitch The Best Tapestry For Winter

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Creating good quality tapestry has been one of the best hobbies of women all over the world in order to keep their families and love ones warm during winter. While these tapestries were initially created by the hand women these days choose to make them with the use of a weaving machine. If you like creating tapestry and you are keen on creating them then you should consider investing in the best weaving machine for tapestry that is available in the market. One of the best ways to find this weaving machine is to go online and check the various available options. While there are certain shops that sells weaving machines ordering them online is always better since you get to read customer feedback about the weaving machines and this eliminates the risk of ever investing in bad quality weaving machines that will not work.

Although there are a number of different kinds of tapestry Weaving Machines available in the market you should always try to look for one that comes with a broad base. Tapestry are heavy and if the base of the weaving machine is not broad then it becomes extremely difficult for you to turn the tapestry around and stitch it efficiently. It is also important for you to look for a weaving machine that runs on electricity rather than one that is manual. Manual Weaving Machines require you to use your arms and this means having to put in a lot of pressure in order for the weaving machine to work. Since tapestry are heavy and thick this can put a lot of pressure on your hands and they will start to hurt. Always look for weaving machines that have different stitching modes. The modes should be anywhere between 7 mm to 5 mm.

About the MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is a luxury Las Vegas strip-based Mega resort. It is the second largest hotel in the world. The resort features everything a person could want in a destination vacation: an abundance of shopping, fine dining and exciting nightlife.

 MGM Grand is a luxury Las Vegas

The MGM Grand broke ground on October 7, 1991. The official opening was December 18, 1993. The original theme of the hotel was “The Wizard of Oz.”

The 30 floor main building is 293 feet high. The outdoor area covers 6.6 acres. The convention center is 380,000 sq. ft. and the casino is the largest in Clark County at 171,500 sq. ft.

The MGM Grand features 16 restaurants, shops, five outdoor pools with rivers and waterfalls, The Grand Spa, fitness center, salon, wedding chapel, convention center, casino, MGM Grand Garden Arena and CBS Television City.

 MGM Grand is a luxury Las Vegas

Fun Fact
The MGM is one of three hotels on the Strip with a 13th floor.

The Lion statue at the main entrance in the largest bronze statue in the U.S.

Famous Ties
The MGM was featured in the movies “Bringing Down the House,” “Ocean’s 11,” “Vegas Vacation” and “The Great White Hype.”

 MGM Grand is a luxury Las Vegas

The MGM is home to Cirque du Soleil’s production of KA.

Studio 54 is a copy of the famous New York City nightclub.

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