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Time to Complain About CNN Coverage of Romney Again

Unless you are completely avoiding news coverage of politics lately, for which I can’t completely blame you, you are aware of Gov. Mitt Romney’s speech last night. The coverage is front page material and having comparisons drawn to the famous speech given by John Kennedy years ago under similar circumstances.

As I checked out the various news sites for their coverage of the speech, as is typical I was disappointed in the bias shown by the placement and content included excerpt leading to the article.

The first thing that bothers me is the headline of the “related” article directly beneath the front page feature. This related article spot is not always present, but often. Look at the content, “Equality talk often lip service.” If you read the article, overall it is an interesting dialog on some issues at hand in our society, but including this summary headline with the negative slant directly beneath the Romney coverage creates a slant by association. In no way be fooled into thinking this is not an intentional, calculated placement.

Second, though I find the title of the article creative and applicable, there is one statement that bothers me. The summary “…explained how his faith would affect his presidency…” is again misleading; the point of the speech was to say his religion would not influence his presidency. Of course, he did cover the essence of what value his having a strong religious belief contributes to his morals, ethics and a backbone that should be considered an asset to a presidential candidate, but the theme was to instead point out that religious affiliation should not be a consideration or criteria when considering a candidate.

It is subtle and often not-so-subtle things like this that irritate me in all news coverage. Being a major news organization, I always hope to see bias relegated to the opinion section, but in truth, it is nearly impossible not to include your own viewpoint when writing. I wish when it came to politics we could see the straight story rather than being fed what we should take out of the facts.

Make your Car Look Clean and Beautiful with Steam Car Wash

Do you believe that your auto paint is vulnerable to the auto wash from the water pressures they use at the car wash stations? Or for any other reason, you are not satisfied with the classic vehicle war mechanisms? Then you’ll be glad to know that there is a new technology in the marketplace now that has a lot of benefits and it is identified as the steam auto wash. The steam automobile wash technologies use steam jets which creates pressurized steam when utilized properly on the surface of the car, cleans the vehicle with moisturized sanitizing and deodorizing effects.Positive aspects

The classic automobile wash utilizes a lot of water to wash a single auto and of which most of the water is wasted whereas in the steam car wash technology, only 1 gallon of water is required to wash a 1 single car at a time and even that one gallon of water is utilized in such a way that it is least wasted, one more a main advantage of the steam car wash technologies is that it is highly eco friendly technologies.

Some of the models are highly mobile since they can be transported anywhere and are really straightforward to use by anybody with far more or much less the same efficiency and effectiveness. Moreover, it can also be used for cleaning and washing other issues.

Steam automobile wash is a new technological addition to the vehicle wash industry so there are particular reservations and myths about this technology. 1. ‘That the steam cars wash is a gimmick’ (Ans. Steam wash technology is in use given that decade in the carpet industry and is serving the purpose there really well). 2. ‘It will scratch the vehicle surface’ (Ans. As the cleaning procedure is completed by a mixture of heat water and pressure and there is no challenging substance that would rub the automobile surface hence the probabilities of scratches are very minimal, but the device should be utilized in a right manner.). three. ‘The paintwork is at risk with this technology’ (Ans. As the temperature of the steam is nicely below 100 degrees centigrade when it touches the surface of the car, with a suitable distance in between the auto and the gun and auto paint, is manufactured in such a way that such a temperature is secure for the paint.), 4. ‘That the machine is dangerous to operate’ (Ans. Properly it is true but the exact same is accurate for the conventional auto wash mechanisms.)

Nauseated by the Smell of Exhaust

This is one of those things that falls under the “is it just me?” line of thinking. I am seriously nauseated by the smell of exhaust. I don’t want to sound like a pansy here, I really can be around a car just fine and sitting in traffic in my convertible doesn’t make me green in the face, but when there is a build up of exhaust for whatever reason, I really start to get sick to my stomach.

I do come by this weakness honestly…weak stomachs run in my family. I love roller coasters, but I often try various remedies to get keep motion sickness at bay. I used to not have a chance at them, but now I typically go ahead and take on the ride, then spend the next hour paying for it. Oh well, the price of fun.

Exhaust though has one of those unique ways of just turning my stomach into knots and bringing on that extra saliva in the mouth preparatory of an upcoming expulsion of the previous meal. Not all exhaust is equal either; diesel wins the contest hands down for having the most nauseating effect. I have never been a fan of diesel trucks for this reason (among others), though current trucks have gotten much better.
I think of this because the other day the construction of a new building directly next to my office has an excavator idling his backhoe right next to our back door during his break. Yep, for the 15 minutes, he sat there, the exhaust density mushroomed into a cloud I walked right into without realizing what I was getting into as I left the office. I wanted to walk over, open his door and turn off his machine for him. All waste and environmental considerations aside, idling that machine right next to an occupied office building were far less than considerate. Our air conditioning units were all of 20 feet away from his chosen spot of relaxation. Thanks a lot, buddy.

So, with my genetic weakness, you will rarely see me letting a car idle in the garage or find me standing near a vehicle running for any period of time if I can avoid it. Not only do I not need that in my lungs, I really don’t need to feel like I am going to lose my lunch either.

I hate to think of the buildup of all that exhaust in our atmosphere, but that is for another day.

Gardening Rant – Weeds

This last week we, my wife and I, have been putting in a fair amount of time in the yard. She more than I, but I have put in whatever time I can. Because my wife is more of the enthusiast when it comes to the lawn and garden, I am simply providing grunt work support. I move the dirt, pull weeds, dig holes, edge, etc. I am happy with my delegated place in this situation.

As I was bent over, sweating as I diligently waged my battle against the mass of weeds that infest our flower beds, I thought of the type of weeds I was dealing with. There are many of course, but they fall into two groups, taproots, and fibrous roots. I can’t decide which is worse.

Gardening Rant – Weeds

Weeds with tap roots are much like an iceberg, what you see above ground may represent as little as 10% of the overall plant. You pull at the top of the thing and it will just break off to preserve the plant as a whole. Like a good little trooper, that above ground bit will sacrifice itself for the greater “good.” I have learned to use a shovel to dig up the ground around a big taproot weed to loosen the dirt, making retrieval much easier and complete, though a little time-consuming.

I’d take the taproot variety over fibrous roots any day. With taproots, they may be a lot of work, but at least I feel like I have a little victory each time I pull out one of those big suckers. The fibrous roots there is simply no winning. You can pull and pick all you want, but there is going to be some of that mass network of the plant still in there. I use the shovel to try and pull it up, only to get a mass of dirt that only represents a small portion of the nemesis. Unless out of sheer dumb luck you happen to catch the sucker before it sends out its minions of roots, you will end up picking at the plant forever unless you resort to some deadly poisons. Not something you want to do next do that savory fruit tree you just planted though.Gardening Rant – Weeds

If you even dabble in a flower bed some, you know what I am talking about here. Weeds stink; no two ways about it. Complaining about it makes me feel a little better, but I know they will be there again to fight another day no matter what I say. I’ll just keep chipping away at them, and hopefully, keep them at bay.

Running Without Back Pain – Essential Techniques To Consider

As someone who has experienced back pain for over twenty years and finds running to be both a relief and sometimes an irritant to my back, I have found that there are three things that I can focus on to get the benefits of running without the pain. Our orthopedic and spine surgeons are eliminating the back pain through running. Running is also a part of exercise to repair the damaged cells of the back. Some of them are mentioned below –

Running Technique Number One: Elongate the spine

A wellness coaching client once told me that she didn’t like the idea of running because when she saw runners they all looked so uncomfortable! I had to laugh – and agree – that many runners do appear uncomfortable. But the reason they are uncomfortable is that their posture is out of balance, particularly their spine.

Many people, from years of poor postural habits and often from too much time spent at a desk, have slumped shoulders. Further, their backs are curved forward instead of well stacked and balanced.

It’s important to remember that our backs have a wonderful design and are strong. They just need to be oriented in the way that they were built to function most effectively. So, when running, elongate your spine from your pelvis to the top of your head.

Running Technique Number Two: Always keep a bend in the knees.

One of the reasons that my back used to hurt during running is that I tend to straighten my knee on my forward foot. When the knee is fully extended when landing, the impact is transferred to the hip joint.

Fortune Minerals completes Revenue Silver Mine acquisition

Fortune Minerals announced Wednesday that it had completed the purchase of the Revenue Silver mine in southwest Colorado from Silver Star Resources, Star Mine Operations and Revenue-Virginius Mines.

The company said it has received $25 million from a US$35 million production pre-pay facility from Lascaux Resource Capital Fund 1 with a second tranche of US$10 million expected to close on October 16, 2014.Fortune Minerals

The Revenue Silver Mine (RSM) is an operating high-grade, underground silver mine with a 400 tpd mill and concentrator. The mine is located in the Sneffels silver mining district, where there are numerous past producers.

“Fortune is pleased to report that a number of capital improvements are underway at the RSM to improve safety and realize efficiencies at the mine to meet production objectives,” said the company in a news release.

“This includes drilling a 460-metre deep/2.45 metre diameter raise bore from the surface to improve mine ventilation and provide a secondary escape way for emergency egress at the back of the mine. This raise will also be used as an ore pass to access high-grade mineralized material contained in surface stockpiles located at the top of the mountain, which will be used as incremental mill feed during the ramp up to full production,” the company said.

Fortune Minerals

Although two miners died and several others were overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning at the mine on Nov. 17, 2013, when the mine was operated by Star Mine Operations, the silver mine was placed on notice by MSHA for numerous significant and substantial safety violations from Aug. 1, 2013, through July 31, 2014.

Fortune Minerals says it has now put a new safety plan in place.

A review of MSHA orders and citations has resulted in significant efforts to improve ventilation throughout the mine, improve safety reporting and visibility across the site, and change the mine safety culture to “be respectful and responsive to MSHA to effectively address issues and repeat offenses.”

The company has also changed its safety leadership and added additional resources to the safety team, said Investor Relations Manager Troy Nazarewicz. The company has also implemented safety cards, safety meetings, safety statistics collection, incident reporting, and accident investigation among other improvements.

Let’s Keep Our Eye On The Ball This Memorial Day

Full disclosure: I work for a marketing communications agency.

Ok, not exactly breaking news but I wanted to preface my post by saying I get it… I get the fact that advertisers and companies are in business to make money, to move product.

I get the fact that every month of the year offers a veritable plethora (is there any other kind of plethora?) of holidays and special occasions all waiting to be used as part of a sales campaign.

Memorial Day

Believe me, I have written my fair share of ad copy for sales based around a holiday theme. And I am surely not saying to do away with holiday-themed marketing and advertising because, well… it works.

Starting with New Year’s Day right through to Christmas and many points in between, there is no shortage of holiday-themed sales opportunities.

And Memorial Day is no different…

From sales on barbecue grills to great deals on weekend getaways we’ve all seen and heard plenty of Memorial Day themed ads in a variety of mediums.

But I would like to just remind everyone that while you’re eating your 3rd hamburger or downing your favorite cold beverage – all while enjoying a day off from work –

Memorial Day
you take a moment, just a moment, to stop and remember the enormous sacrifice the men and women of our armed forces have made, continue to make and will make in the future.

I have been very fortunate to know and work with some members of our military and my own father – may he rest in peace, served in WWII under George Patton.

So this weekend and on Memorial Day specifically, have a great time with your friends and family. Relax, you work hard, you deserve the break. And go buy that new grill you always wanted, there’s sure to be some great deals out there!

Just stop for the briefest of seconds and think about all the men and women who gave their live and risk their lives every single day just we can continue to live in freedom.

Car Rental Services Are The Latest Trends

If you are looking to book a vehicle for your daily commute then there is nothing better than a car rental service like If you think that car rental services are not safe and the drivers are not trained well then you are wrong. One of the best things about car rental services is the training that they provide to their drivers as well as the condition of the vehicles that are on hire. If you want the best services that are on offer then you need to contact the best car rental services after doing thorough research. Once you have completed your research you can even check the services that were offered in the past and how the customers have reacted to it.

Availing car rental services is very easy these days. Most car rental services have their own website or even their own app. All you need to do is go to the website and select the services that you need. You can opt for return services or you can opt for a one way service. You can even pick the vehicle that you want and you can specify the date and time that you want it at. Once you have done everything you will receive a message and an email confirming your booking. Depending on the service that you’ve chosen you may be asked to pay in advance or you may be asked to pay the driver when the services have been availed.

Paying for the services is also very convenient. There are a number of payment options that you get and you will be able to choose any of the options depending on what you are convenient with. Even when you are booking the car rental service for someone else you can choose to prepay it and ensure that the passenger does not have to pay for the service. This way you can have one of your family members picked up and dropped or even arrange for your children to go to school and come back safely. The reason this can be done is because the drivers with car rental services are very dependable and are well trained. You can be rest assured that your family members will be safe and there will be no problems on the ride.

If you are trying to use car rental services for the very first time you can even speak to the customer service rep and get assistance with regards to how to book the vehicle and what to look out for. You can even speak to people that have used the services in the past and see how their experience has been. Once you are sure about the services, you can avail of it with just a click of a button. The convenience and the affordability of car rental services is what make these services so tempting. You will even get to ride along in comfort without having to worry about travelling in a cramped train or even a bus.

So Much For TV Advertising Being Dead – Whitey Bulger Is Caught Thanks To TV!

Just ten days ago I wrote This Just In… Television Advertising Is Not Dead. As if we needed more proof that it is in fact not dead but alive and quite well comes news that a TV ad led directly to the apprehension of the FBI’s Most Wanted Wanted criminal

After that bin Laden guy was taken down, someone had to take his place atop the FBI’s Most Wanted List and that person was James Joseph “Whitey” Bulger, Jr., former Boston mob boss who had been on the run for the past sixteen years. He was caught in Santa Monica along with his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig.So Much For TV Advertising Being Dead - Whitey Bulger Is Caught Thanks To TV!

And how did the FBI finally get their man… how did they finally get the elusive Whitey Bulger?

One word: Television.

Just days after launching a TV campaign aimed at catching him, the FBI received a tip from someone who had seen this PSA, which urged people to be on the lookout for Catherine Greig:

So Much For TV Advertising Being Dead - Whitey Bulger Is Caught Thanks To TV!

The PSA was running in 14 cities across the US, appearing on such shows as The View, Live with Regis & Kelly and Ellen.

So, you see boys and girls, television advertising is not going anywhere because television is not going anywhere because people still watch television!

Click here for more on the capture of Whitey Bulger.


Holland is a special world. From a small country, it fanned out in all continents through the sailors, famous merchants, explorers, European famed artists, craftsmen.

Even today, the Netherlands has a special charm, with unique customs, unexpected landscapes and all you want to visit.NETHERLANDS

Much of the country is below the sea level. The lowest point is located at minus 6.7 meters. The highest point has 323 meters and is called “mountain”.

The most common means of locomotion in the Netherlands is the bicycle. Throughout the country there are 16 million bicycles and in Amsterdam their number exceeds the number of inhabitants.

The Dutch are the healthiest citizens in Europe. However, many of them don’t eat cooked dishes daily, limiting themselves to sandwiches with cheese or prepackaged products.


Any Dutch knows at least two languages. Most of them speak, aside from their native language, English. Depending on the region, they also use French or German.

The Dutch law allows any citizen to grow five cannabis bushes, but only for personal use.

It is known that the Netherlands is the country of flowers. A bouquet of 50 tulips costs 5 Euros. In the Netherlands the prostitution is legal and subjected to taxation as any other profession.

The Dutch are among the tallest people in the world, the average height being of 182 cm. There are cases when people have more than two meters.


In the Netherlands there are no less than 1,000 museums, a large number compared to the population of 16 million inhabitants. Naturally, the main visitors are the foreigners who are always visiting them.

The Netherlands is one of the largest brewer producers in the world. Here are the famous brands Heineken, Grolsch and Amstel. However, the Dutch prefer the beer in Germany, Czech Republic and Belgium.

Netherlands is the only country in Europe where there is still a large number of traditional windmills: over 1,180.

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