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The American Pension Myths Debunked

Ladies, gentlemen, and all others reading this piece of rant, please, be forewarned. Sometimes you find out that you really were happier not knowing the truth. The truth about pensions, government or otherwise, is about to be revealed to you, if, you have the courage to learn the truth about how things really work.

I will apologize upfront, as always is my moniker, for any digressing or ranting which I shall strive to maintain to the bare minimum. And I must say that in order to truly understand this article, you will have to read some of my other articles, or immerse yourself into a world of google searches and teach yourself about how government, business (big and small), and budgeting and accounting works. And often doesn’t work. In that spirit, I have decided to write seperate articles, addressing each issue seperately.


Now, before I lay down my wisdom, or lack thereof, on the line, I’d like to place my credentials on the table so that you, the educated reader that you are, can decide upon it’s worth. First, I am a retired military man drawing a Federal pension for which I risked my life and the well being of my family. Second, I am a state government worker, trying to secure a second retirement. Third, I managed several multi-million dollar government budgets and I was accountable, answerable, but could find no sense in the way government accounted for our dollars. Hard earned, blood, sweat toil, dollars. That my kids will never see. Nor will yours. See why we are voted the bankruptcy lawyer san diego as the charges and commission of hiring will be under the budget of the person. Proper pension will be provided to the person for the respective case.

What seems hidden by the media in this matter is the truth of the other side of the story. No news network seems to be willing to address any fact other than to stir the masses on this issue. So I issue this challenge: any news media agency, please publish an article on your pension plans for your employees. I’ll publish mine. I scampered around to interview some people from different walks of life and found this.

Bank of Nashville employees apparently enjoy a pension plan, a 401k match program and have sufferred pay raises of only 3% for a few years. Manheim Nashville Auto Auction employees enjoy roughly the same benefit as do employees of Bridgestone North America. Wal-Mart employees were long offered profit sharing and many small businesses offer their employees pension options as well. Who are these companies? All the smart ones who want to obtain wealth. Cash. Moola. Gold. See, Uncle Sam, a.k.a. uncle sugar, actually does try to look out for us. In so doing, the tax laws are written so that any business that wants to establish a pension, or 401k, etc, must make it available to all employees. So when the doctor, dentist, lawyer, alarm company, plumber, etc., wants to stash some cash in stocks and 401k plans, they must share the wealth. They must make it available to all employees.

Now, let me try my best to explain briefly how these plans work, and, how your government makes them fail.

First, there are several pension plans, but let’s talk about the two most prevelant. Contributory, where employees put in a portion, and non-contributory, where employees don’t contribute any money. Most governments and companies originally attracted employees by offering a contributory pension plan. Now, under this plan, an employee automatically has a small portion of their wages taken to put into this pension fund. But before these funds are deducted from the paycheck, taxes (aka Social Security) are deducted. By switching to a non-contributory pension plan, employers are able to contribute the same amount of money to the pension fund, while avoiding having to pay the federal government any money on those funds in social security taxes. How? Because these are now classified as funds that are defferred. So the state, or business, robs the fed, and us, of taxes. But it saves the local government, and you, money. Why did we allow this? My only guess is that the government was trying to teach us to save for retirement and not rely on social security. Now, while this business of moving money around was going on, local governments began the idea of “borrowing” against the pension funds or avoiding making payments to the pension fund. Even when the approved budget allocated funds to the pension fund.

Well, the federal government began doing it. They borrowed from social security money to pay the bills. Why? Maybe it was to fund a school or a bridge or anything else they thought might get them through the next election. Yeah, we’ll pay our obligations to our employees and our people (you) next year. That’s right. The federal government took your social security money and went on a shopping spree. Many shopping sprees. And then the next. And so on. So, would you work for a company like that? Didn’t think so. Now we have cities and states, run by the people that the people elected, trying to lay blame upon the servants of the people for the budgets that now have come due. So here’s how it works, or rather, how it all goes to crud. Your government decides to buy a bridge, a road, a whatever, and decides NOT to pay any money into the fund that they are contractually bound to. Just like they robbed social security and handed out “I OWE YOU’S”. Yeah, the same thing that happened to many peoples retirement fund was an act of plagiarism. State and local government acted just like the federal government. Rape the fund, worry about it later. When I’m no longer in office and enjoying my lavish retirement check. Then comes the day of reckoning. For all of us. Meanwhile, they still hide money in the budget to fund their pet projects. I’ll explain that one in another article.

Look for “How government budgets work” and “don’t work”. Now what do I cost you? Nothing, nada

zilch. My job brings funds into the state coffers that totally blows away what I ever get paid. So do the judges, court clerks, police writing speeding tickets, and on and on. Yet they present a budget that shows only what they pay us, not what we bring in, in terms of dollars. My pension will never cost you a dime………ever.

Metal Inert Gas- Welding Format in New Form

Whenever you are starting to learn about new things, you would naturally ask your elders or experts in your vicinity. The more proper way in current times is to look it up on Google or take an online course of 4-6 months and master it within a fixed time period.

An individual keeps on learning about something new right till his/her last breath and if anyone claims to have knowledge and mastery about anything and everything the world can offer, he is surely off the rocker as it is next to impossible.

One process that immediately comes to mind is welding but is not much talked about because of its low opinion in the general public that is a menial job for low level workers and backward class in nature.

If you were to say that you are employed in a welding process, what would be the listener’s regard for you? But that does not mean that it should be looked down upon and any person who has anything to do with it be ridiculed.

Brief Description

By definition, welding is defined as a sculpting process that involves fabricated materials like metals and thermal items which have to be heated in order to melt its parts together and are later cooled down to create a fusion, which is how you can join different materials together.

The history of welding dates way back to the Bronze and Iron age and is believed to have its origins from Europe and Middle East but the exact time and place is unknown, which is expected due to its wide range of use right from the ancient times.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) is a subset of the welding process which involves metal and gaseous substances for its process as the name itself suggests and involves an electric arc discharge, wire electrodes and working pieces of metal which have to be heated to melt completely and thereby join the materials together.

People assigned with welding projects have a hard task at hand as certain ones take many days to complete due to lack of available materials and labor is also not sufficient enough to make the workers’ job easier but still things are bearable and their level of patience, perseverance and experience completes the task in no time.

Points to improve MIG Welding

  • The obvious start is to go for the best welding operator for metals to be on the safer side because if an inexperienced person takes up welding, the results can be disastrous such as electrocution, arc ways, gases and hot particles
  • Conduct a thorough research before giving your nod to the project and take up help from welding experts on how to use wire and metal in a secure way

  • Before beginning the process, make sure that all the connections are in working order such as MIG gun and power pin so that it can be hooked up accordingly

The wire has to be of appropriate size and structure so that it can be inserted properly into the hole

The Light Green Purple Men with the Orange Hair

I moved to Paris in December of 1947, right before Christmas. It was a hurried move, just like the one I have to make now. Luckily I never married and have no family, so no ties exist to keep me here; just as none existed to keep me in Artesia, New Mexico, the town of my birth, and nothing on earth can keep me in Paris now.

Paris needs no explanation. Artesia, on the other hand, is a small town about thirty miles from Roswell. I thought I would die there just as my father and his father before that, but the events of 1947 changed that. I didn’t notify my boss of my departure, I simply bought the first ticket I could afford to the farthest place I could find. As it turned out that happened to be Paris. Fortunately I found a job at a tavern, Le Chat Noir ‘” The Black Cat ‘” owned by an American. In Artesia I worked at another tavern called the Dog’s Neck and except for the language each tavern was the same as the other. Sometimes when I close my eyes I think that I’m back in New Mexico, working at the Dog’s Neck Tavern for old Mr. Feeney. The air in the place always hung heavy with the smell of alcohol. Mr. Andrews, the dry cleaner, used to say that if you left a sponge on the top of the bar, in an hour you’d be squeezing out beer. I never thought life would change that much but it did. Even to this very day I still have nightmares about the summer of 1947. I spent many years trying to forget the place and the incident, but since the only job I could find in Paris happened to be another saloon the hope of getting New Mexico completely out of mind became impossible. There’s always a sound, or a sight, or something someone says that brings back the old memories. Last week one of our customers came in with an English language newspaper and left it on the bar. The top story reported that NASA intended to start a mission to study the surface, atmosphere and magnetic field of Mars. It was to be called Mars Observer and would be a year long project. That got me to thinking about Artesia and The Dog’s Neck Tavern and old Mr. Feeney. I can still remember the day his wife came into the saloon reporting that she witnessed an object in the sky, a flying disc she called it.

” Have you been drinking again?” Mr. Feeney asked his wife. She wasn’t against having a few shots of whiskey, but that is usually in winter and this happened June.

” I’m as sober as you are, Henry,” Mrs. Feeney shouted back, annoyed at the accusation. ” I spotted a large flying disc right over W.W.’s farm.”

Sure enough the next day W.W.Brazel, a farmer in Lincoln County, told us he found a pile of tin foil and metal on his farm. He intended to go to the Air Force Headquarters to report it. Most thought him as crazy as Mrs. Feeney. Certainly Mr. Feeney felt that way. I reserved judgement on it and went about my work of mopping floors and stocking shelves. Gladys the waitress seemed to be very quiet on the whole subject. She seemed nervous when anyone discussed the incident and plenty of discussion of it ensued from that day on. Right on into July customers came in every day relating their own story of seeing something in the sky. Gladys rented the back room from old man Feeney and whenever someone started talking about the ‘saucer’ Gladys always started to tremble.

” I need ten minutes off, Henry,” she said, retreating into the back room.

She usually returned after a few minutes, a little paler then when she left, and much quieter.

” Are you alright, Gladys?” I would ask, and she always nodded her head solemnly and went back to her work.

This went on for a few weeks until one day in July The Roswell Daily Record ran an article on the front page on July 8th : AIR FORCE CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER ON RANCH IN ROSWELL REGION. Well that report got all of Lincoln County talking. The Air Force said that there were sixteen sightings, but me and Mr. Feeney figured it to be more like eight hundred. Gladys visibly shook most days and I could see that Mr. Feeney thought of firing her. One night before we closed Gladys took me aside. ” I’ve seen them,” she confided, looking around to make sure no one else heard her. There’s something about the relationship between a waitress and a busboy that promotes confidence and to my knowledge I am the only one she spoke to about the incident.

” It seems like everyone has seen those flying discs, Gladys. I wouldn’t worry about it.”

” No. I mean I’ve seen them! They’re greenish purple and they have orange hair. They don’t speak.

They just walk into the backroom and look at me for a few moments, sit on my furniture, and then they’re gone.”

I stared at Gladys not knowing what to say. Luckily Mr. Feeney walked in and we had to stop the conversation. Gladys just about ran out of the tavern.

” I’m staying with my sister tonight, Henry,” Gladys shouted back at Mr. Feeney, while she ran to the door. She paused a moment and took a long look in the direction of the backroom and then ran quickly.

” Now what is that about?” Mr. Feeney said to himself. I pretended not to hear him and went about my business of cleaning up.

The next day Gladys didn’t show up for work. The Roswell Daily Record ran an article: AIR FORCE SAYS IT WAS A WEATHER BALLOON. Two days later, on July 11th, Mr. Feeney had to bring his wife to the doctor leaving me alone to close up the tavern. I was just about to close when I spotted Mr. Andrews the dry cleaner outside the window talking to an Air Force colonel. They seemed to be arguing about something. The colonel grabbed Mr. Andrews by the wrist. Mr. Andrews raised his arm as if to say OK. He opened the door to the tavern and handed me a box. ” Give this to Gladys. Tell her I got all the spots off of the slipcovers except for the green and purple ones.” He then walked out and I watched him and the colonel head towards the Air Force base. I opened the box that contained Gladys’ dry cleaning. Her chair covers lay on top with a bunch of green and purple blotches. I brought them to her backroom apartment. When I was about to leave I noticed a green handprint on the door. A strand of orange hair hung on the latch. I hurried out and locked the door. That was the last time I saw the Dog’s Neck Tavern and Artesia, New Mexico. I went right home and packed and left for Paris.

Here I sit now, over sixty years later and suddenly Paris doesn’t seem far enough away from New Mexico. After reading that report that NASA is going to study Mars I decided to buy a heavy winter coat and a one way ticket to Vladivostok. It seems that everything is so complicated. Just like answering the question – is lip gloss made from whale sperm?

Eureka Capture Review for the vacuum cleaning

The Eureka Capture Model 8802AVZ is a bag less upright vacuum cleaner that has several filters to trap the dust before it gets into the important parts of the vacuum. This is one of the major concerns when dealing with bagless vacuums and the Capture does an excellent job in this area. In this article, information about the best handheld vacuums bustle is provided to the person. The reading of the article will be beneficial for the person to find the cleaning product. 

The Eureka Capture is not just another bag less vacuum with its several filters to stop the finest dust and particles from getting through the vacuum and going into the motor and worse yet back into your home. The Capture has several nice features and is a very good vacuum at getting the pet hair, dirt and even rocks up from your carpet and hardwood floors.

The Capture does weigh a bit at 21 pounds but it does pack a big punch when it comes to pulling the dirt out of carpets. The Capture comes with a 30 foot cord for plenty of non stop vacuuming from room to room and has a nice comfortable loop handle. The head of the vacuum attaches to a hose then runs through the cup that catches the dirt and then through three filters. This allows you to unhook the hose and use the hose with attachments for quick cleanups, corners and other cleaning, even inside your computer.

The Capture comes with a small brush attachment and an extension tube as well as a telescoping duster and upholstery cleaner called the Power Paw. The duster cleans itself when you place it in the holder and turn a knob below the holder. This action diverts the vacuums suction from the head of the vacuum through the duster holder to clean off the duster. The duster is a nice feature and handy to have on your vacuum so you can dust and vacuum at the same time as well as clean the duster easily.

Other nice features of the Eureka Capture are the nice close to the edge vacuuming you get with the edge cleaning on the head of the vacuum as well as the large wheels for easy pushing. The head of the Capture has a nice bristle brush spiraling across it with a nice small brush around each edge for the edge cleaning. The height adjustment is a knob on the front of the head that raises the head by pushing these two small wheels down or up. When the head is closest to the floor this is a nice setting for really low carpets and bare floors.

The Capture works well on bare floors as it does not spit the dirt and rocks around but has enough suction to pull it up. It also does not roll the rocks around in the roller brush as I have had other vacuums do; you know that annoying rock skipping around before it finally gets sucked up. I think this has to do with the fact that the roller brush is not this perfectly round bar but is contoured and has plenty of room in the area that the bristles are not for the dirt and rocks to get past.

The Capture really does a fantastic job on carpets and gets a lot of the finest dirt and dust out of the carpet. I used the Capture vacuum for a month and have done a very good job of cleaning at my home as well as taking it to my wife’s day care and cleaning her carpets. The Capture vacuum picks up stuff their vacuums just do not get and it does a great job of getting that pea gravel without spitting it around or continuing to roll it around in the brush area.

I found the edge cleaning worked very well and got up a lot that other vacuums I have used did not. Especially when I used the Capture at my wife’s daycare and got to try my hand at all that pea gravel the kids bring in from the playground. The Capture did a great job n pet hair and very little got caught up in the roller brush but got lumped into a nice ball in the cleaning cup.

The cup that catches most of the dirt and debris is large enough not to have to empty it after one or two uses but you should check it often when doing a large amount of vacuuming. The vacuum will work better with frequent emptying and you should also check the filters every so often. The filters keep the dust and finer stuff from going through the vacuum as the filters will attest to when you check them.

There are three filters to check and replace, one is a foam pre filter and the one below that is a plastic fiber filter attached to a plastic tray that the foam filter sits in. This filter tray and foam filter sits directly below the cup for your dirt. When you remove the tray and filters there is a small lever that you turn to release the plastic cover over the Hepa filter.

I found the Capture vacuum and the filters at Wal-Mart and Target so finding the replacement filters is no problem as well as being able to check out the vacuum yourself. The foam filter and the filter tray are both washable and all you have to do is squirt some dish soap or slosh the filters in a small soapy water mixture and rinse them thoroughly. The foam filter will take some extensive rinsing and you probably should replace this filter every few months like the company recommends because this filter will get dirty quickly and is going to be catching the most dust and dirt.

The duster is a nice feature and easy to use, you just pull it out of the holder and twist the head to extend the handle. After dusting all those nooks and crannies you simply push the head back down and twist the portion back into the handle and push it back into the holder. You might have to play with the bristles of the duster to fit them back into the holder a bit but once in you just turn the vacuum on and turn the knob to clean the duster.

The upholstery cleaner or Power Paw works very well and has a brush inside the head that rotates from the suction of the vacuum. This is a nice cleaner for chairs, couches and even the car or minivan. The Power Paw works very well and gets those tough jobs like the foot area of a car or minivan for a good deep scrubbing action on the carpets. One word of advice when using the Capture in your vehicle, stand the vacuum up on a sidewalk or driveway and not the gravel drive. The brush keeps rotating even when using the hose and it kind of spits rocks and tries to pick up your whole gravel drive while sitting there.

A few not so positive points about using the Capture vacuum are its weight and the noise level. The Capture weighs 21 pounds so is not a light weight carrying up and down stairs. The vacuum does have plenty of power and then some to pick up the dust and dirt but it does weigh a good amount for all that power. It is also quite loud and can drown out the television while in the same room.

I really do like the Capture vacuum and it does live up to its rating here. It does an excellent job of picking up dirt and debris and vacuums the finest dust and particles I have ever seen in any vacuum. I have used several models and brands of vacuums, even several that were supposedly commercial grade while working at my wife’s day care and have not seen one yet that picks up this fine a dust.

I have no fear that the Capture will loose power over time as the two filters are very good at getting out most if not all of the particles and small dust that usually clogs the motor and eventually ruins it. The Capture has plenty of power and does an excellent job at the big jobs of carpets and bare floors as well as smaller ones like dusting and even those really dirty carpets in vehicles.

I highly recommend the Eureka Capture vacuum as a very powerful and easy to use vacuum for a whole house cleaning. The vacuum does weigh a lot but it is very powerful and you can check them out at your local Wal-Mart and Target stores for the vacuum and filters.

Things You Ned to know about Optical Coating

One of the main misconceptions of customers when buying binocular is that every brand has different light gathering capabilities. They mistakenly think that this feature of binoculars has something to do with the brand. But the truth is, all 42-mm objective lenses have the same light gathering capacity. The brightness difference between several binoculars is their ability to gather the light from the objective back to the eyes. Hence, if the quality of the prism and the lenses is the same, the only thing that would make them distinct from each other is the coatings. Generally, optical coatings have been very helpful in wide variety of areas and fields such as optical coatings for defense applications. But it is commonly used in making eyeglasses, films and other things. Wih the help of optical coating, there are several benefits that people in the field of the  production of these industries. But as a customer, it is also important that you know how to choose the right optical coating for you. So to help you out, this article will go through some of the essential tips that you must consider in choosing the right optical coating. These tips will help you have the right and best component.

UV and IR Protection

Generally, our eyes can focus both near and visible IR light onto your retina. But the problem is, our eyes do not have IR receptors but only visible receptors. This means that it might cause some pain in your eyes when an intense visible light hits the receptors. But this doesn’t happen with IR. Basically, IR allows you not to realize that your eye was being burned. This is the reason why astronauts use IR protection. In addition, around 60% of UV Light is being transmitted through the gold. But the good news is, a polycarbonate plastic visor has great transmittance that reflects and absorbs almost all UV.

Choose Gold

When choosing optical coating, experts suggest to go for the gold. Surely, our skin will be damaged if it is overly exposed to the sunlight. This is also true when it comes to our eyes. Too much exposure of our eyes to the sun may damage them In the long run. Hence, gold coating is a thin layer of gold applied to a polycarb0nate shield. Gold coating has the ability to reflect light. It has also an excellent corrosion resistance and reliability. So you will never go wrong with gold coating.

Applications of optical coating

Some manufactures apply optical coating with the use of vacuum deposition technology. Aside from gold which is very effective in corrosion resistance and reflectivity, solver is also a good option. It has an excellent reflectivity from the visible to the spectrum of the infrared. It is also recommended in preventing oxidation. In addition, if you are looking for a material that is suitable for applications in the visible and near infrared spectrums, standard aluminum might be another choice that you want to consider. It is one of those metals that retains reflectance in a finely powdered form that makes it an essential element for mirror coatings. 

Furthermore, in the field of optical films, when choosing optical coatings, there are several factors that you have to consider. Some of these factors include the application, type of coating, wavelengths involved, size of the parts and even the environmental conditions. Application refers to the field or area where you need to apply or use optical coating. There is no basic coating for all. In determining application, you also have to consider your budget. Next is the type of coating. You must understand that coating technology varies. Depending on your project, you should always have to go for a custom or standard design. You should also consider the involved wavelengths. Basically, there are three types namely infrared, visible and ultraviolet. You should also check the size of the parts of your system. This is necessary so that your thin-film coating provider can create and use the most efficient method of production. Lastly, you should also consider the environmental conditions. It is important to consider the operating temperature of the system in order to know whether the coating will be able to withstand the work. 

Small Kitchen Appliance Safety for the Teen Cook

Teens who are learning to cook should know how to safely use both small kitchen appliances as well as the range.

Teach teens the ins and outs, and the basic instructions for each of the following small kitchen appliances. According to Greensboro NC directions, these small kitchen appliance for teen cook are very essential and very safe to use. Not only they are basic but they also underwent some standard and safety measures before placing them in the market. So if you have a teen who really enjoys cooking, here are some of the small kitchen appliance safety.

Small Kitchen Appliance Safety for the Teen Cook


The toaster is the number one small kitchen appliance that teens should know how to use. Toasters are all very different, and each one develops its own quirks with age. Teach your teen cook which settings are best for making toast, poptarts, bagels and English muffins in your toaster. Write the settings down and keep them posted.

If your toaster has a “one slice” slot, show the teen where it is.

Also teach teens about how to empty the crumb tray. Be sure to tell the teen the importance of unplugging the toaster before attempting to dislodge food that is trapped in it.

Toaster Oven

Describe the difference between the toaster oven is preferable to the toaster. Also explain when the toaster oven is a better choice than the oven. The toaster oven is well suited to heating small items for 10 minutes or less. It also works well for melting cheese on items, when used with a toaster oven tray.

Popcorn Popper

One of the most fun small kitchen appliances that your teen, and maybe even your pre-teen will enjoy is the popcorn popper. Be sure the teen cook knows not to over-measure the popcorn kernels, to keep the cover on, and to have the empty bowl ready before the popper starts popping.


Teens need a lesson on how long to cook certain foods. Make a list with your teen of the types of foods they will be cooking or re-heating in the oven, and write down the settings and cooking times. Advise the teen cook to cover the foods and to wipe down the microwave when done (we can try, can’t we?).


Teens may like to use the blender to make milkshakes. Teach them about the different settings. Also show them how to take apart the blender to clean it, and tobe careful of the sharp blade.

Garbage Disposal

Teen cooks should also know what can and cannot go in the garbage disposal, and to run the water while its on

George Foreman Grill

More advanced teen cooks, who would like a quick and healthy way to cook a chicken breast or a hamburger, or even a thin piece of steak, can be taught how to use a George Foreman Grill, or equivalent. Emphasize the importance of unplugging it when done, and cleaning it before the food gets hard on the grill.

Teaching teen cooks how to use small kitchen appliance safety will increase their confidence in the kitchen.

Examples of Excellent Marketing

I’m sure you have watched those infomercials that take over our television set every night after midnight. They haunt the late-night viewer until 6:00 or 7:00 AM. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the 24-hour-a-day shopping networks will try to part you from your money.

Even though you can pick up a lot of great marketing tips from this type of television programming, this is NOT the only way to market your product or service. Let’s look at another excellent example . . .

Some of you may remember the television show, Dallas. If not consider your favorite soap opera like As The World Turns, or Guiding Light. Every single one of these shows have something in common: They all leave every show with a cliff-hanger that is designed to make you want to tune-in the next day to see what happens.

This is a perfect example of subtle marketing. Subtle marketing doesn’t ask you to part with your money. Instead, subtle marketing asks you to part with your time which is essentially the same thing. Because when someone parts with their time because you emotionally control them (sort-to-speak), you have that potential customer in the palm of your hand. Now, all you do is transfer that energy into selling your product or service and you will have a customer for life.

It’s a known fact, that repeat business is the key to making the big bucks. If you offer a shoddy product and do not give your customer’s a reason to do business with you again you will spend your life continually working to replace new customers. This takes a lot of energy especially money on your part. Consistent marketing to local new customers will never prove to your benefit.

However, where the problem comes in is that business owners who have a shoddy product and find themselves in this position, never admit the truth. Or, perhaps some of them don’t know how to not have a shoddy product. They don’t have the knowledge of how to improve their product or service without a loss in revenue so they will believe they are backed in a corner with no way out.

Don’t ever believe for one second that you are ever backed in a corner and can’t move. There is NO SUCH THING as this situation in the mind of a leader. Every leader knows there is no problem without a solution that exists. It may take a little longer to find the answer to one problem and less time for another. But the fact remains there IS a solution to every problem. Plain and simple!!

All you have to do is have the desire to look for a solution. You can’t look for the solution in the middle of a mess. Instead, you have to develop the ability to stand outside the problem and view it from a bird’s eye view. If you can’t do that you should hire or look for someone you can trust that can. Because once you look at the whole situation, rather than a piece of it you will be able to solve just about anything.

The infomercials, Dallas and the other soap operas, mentioned previously, are excellent examples of hard and subtle marketing methods. Each works differently because each one is marketed specifically for the product or service they are selling. The soap operas use subtle marketing because they want people to watch their show tomorrow. Infomercials use hard marketing methods because their interest main interest is making money. If a person in interested in increasing money, then they can hire SEO agency in San Diego for good ranking. With the excellent rankings, the profit and interest will be hight for the person. 

But they use a subtle approach to their hard-sell methods by making the product sound as if the viewer cannot possibly live without it. That’s why they have customers call in and tell about their experience with the product. The customer feels special because they get to talk on live television. This feeling is directly related to their ego which in turn parts them with their money. Take some time and think about it.

Several Movies Returning To Theaters In 3D

There has been a new trend in Hollywood, recently. Several movies have been returning to theaters in 3D in hopes of raking in more money. And there is more to come.

Disney has been stepping it up and sending their cartoon hits back to theaters. Many of us had the chance to catch Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King in 3D. Now, Finding Nemo has returned. James Cameron took a chance and sent his blockbuster hit, Titanic, back to theaters. Star Wars I: Episode Racer had the chance to fly back into theaters. Even Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark was able to return. Next summer, get ready to be chased after dinosaurs in the mega hit, Jurassic Park.

What is going on? Why is Hollywood doing this? Are they running out of remakes and sequels to do? Are they wanting to give people a chance to catch their favorite movies in theaters again? Or are they perhaps trying to earn a new audience?

As Inside Movies put it when The Lion King became 3D, this movie was possibly the “dawn of 3D reissue.” This movie earned $61.5 million in just ten days. Now, Hollywood is in an uproar, carefully choosing the right films to re-release in 3D. Most of the films being chosen are blockbusters.

So, what other movies can we expect to be re-released in 3D in theaters? By 2013, expect Disney to release more classics and hits, such as The Little Mermaid and Monsters, Inc. If that isn’t enough, movie fans are excited to find out that also starting in 2013, The Lord of the Rings franchise will return to theaters in 3D also. There has also been rumors about Top Gun coming back.

And Hollywood is doing double-duty. While some of these films are returning for a week or two, they’re also releasing many of them out on Blue-Ray within a week. This is a way to promote the movie and take advantage of people’s money. Hollywood is possibly hoping that die-hard fans will want to see the film again and again – even if they already own it. As for Disney, they have the chance to go after the kids of today’s generation.

If you think about it, these re-releases will garner even more money than expected. New merchandise for several of these movies is already popping up. By Christmas, there will be even more. Let’s just hope the items will become collectibles and won’t fall apart upon first use. And, many of these re-releases will most likely have premieres, thus giving some fading actors chances for a comeback of some sort.

What movies do you think should return? Possibly the Final Destination franchise? I would say instead of just one of the Indiana Jones movies they should do all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I like Disney movies, but lets not give them the lead during this 3D craze. And especially don’t let anyone throw comedies or romance movies up in 3D. Yes, The Hangover was great, but there are just some scenes that don’t need to be, well, um, brought so close to our eyes in such great size and detail. Hopefully, Hollywood will run a special on 3D tickets with them re-releasing so many movies in 3D. The good news is, with the aid of technology, new software are being introduced that allow us to easily access movies. Kodi download for Firestick is one of the best examples of that.

Online Banking and its benefits

She still couldn’t shake the previous night’s dream. Lori had dreamed that she was so poor that she lived in an alley, digging through trashcans for food. That’s why she refused to live in poverty for the rest of her life. She was tired of being poor and having to struggle while others lived comfortably, so she devised a surefire plan that would guarantee her a life of luxury. She would pretend to be an experienced nanny, complete with fake credentials and former employers. After being hired, she would move in and immediately begin examining all of their bank and credit card statements. She would then use the information to gain access to their bank accounts, and withdraw money at her leisure. After she had obtained all the cash that she could before getting caught, she’d move to another area and become a nanny for another unsuspecting family.

To Lori’s amazement, everything was going just as planned. She had become a “nanny” for three wealthy families, and had gotten quite a bit of cash. She was able to buy a new Corvette, a complete wardrobe, and some other fine possessions. Now if she could only find one more rich family, she would be able to live worry-free while she decided what to do with her life. She could even own one of the cards that she had read about, same as the Revoult card review

Lori decided to move to Florida to find a well-to-do family that needed a nanny, and she really lucked out when she met the Smiths. Sarah and Bob Smith were business owners who traveled frequently. They had upcoming business in Oregon and were desperate for a nanny for their six-week-old twin girls.

After “verifying” her phony references, the Smith’s hired her on the spot. Lori was delighted to discover that Bob and Sarah banked online, making it easier for her to access their accounts. It wasn’t difficult for her to figure out their passwords, the twin’s names. How stupid of them, she thought deviously.

Lori made plans to leave after one final transfer. She’d overheard Sarah talking to someone on the telephone about money missing from her account, so she knew her days with the Smiths were numbered.

That morning when Bob and Sarah left, Lori attempted to log into their bank account, yet the system was inaccessible until the next day. She had to get the money immediately, so she decided to call the bank instead of waiting. She was told that someone would call her back when a representative was available.

She was becoming rather anxious because it was taking the bank such a long time to have someone call back. After feeding the babies, she took them upstairs for a nap and tried to decide what to do next. She really needed this extra cash before she left, and she was sure that the money was there because the last time she checked the account balance, there was a substantial amount available.

Just as was walking back downstairs, the phone rang, and Lori barely answered it before it stopped ringing. It was the bank, and she grabbed Sarah’s bank information as she turned off the answering machine, which had picked up at the same time she answered.

“Mrs. Smith?”

“Yes, this is Mrs. Smith,” Lori answered with a smile on her face. It was going to work out after all, she thought as she gave the bank representative the information necessary to complete the transaction.

The next day as Lori was packing her things to leave, the Smiths came home unexpectedly. Lori was surprised when she heard Sarah’s voice. “Lori, could you come downstairs for a moment, please?”

When she reached the living room, Lori was even more surprised to find two uniformed police officers standing in the living room.

“Are you Lori Williamston?” The taller of the two officers asked.

“Uh…yes, officer,” Lori stammered. “What’s the problem?”

“We’re here to arrest you. Apparently you’ve stolen large sums of money from several of Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s bank accounts.”

Lori took a deep breath, attempting to deflect the panic that threatened to overcome her. “There must be some mistake. I didn’t steal money from them.”

“Well, we have proof that you did steal the money.” The officer removed a flash disk from his pocket, inserted it into his laptop and played one of the files.

Lori stood there in total disbelief as she listened to the telephone conversation she’d had with the bank representative on the previous day. Evidently, she’d hit the wrong button in attempt to turn off the answering machine, and it had recorded the entire conversation.

“Mrs. Smith claims it’s your voice on there impersonating her while transferring a considerable amount of money into your personal bank account,” the officer said as he handcuffed Lori and led her outside to the squad car.

Get Great Prices for Your Art Work!

You want to sell your professionally done paintings for a serious price in a prestigious art gallery so look for a gallery that already carries artists with famous names. That is not to say that the gallery needs to carry the artists’ originals, as fine art prints either signed or not are quite acceptable. Once you find such a gallery than try to get them to take your work. The big names will attract more people and your work will be in good company. The big person has moved here at online sites like Painting Kits to provide the paintings at reasonable rates. The prints of the picture will be widely accepted through the audience available at the search engines. 

The best way to get into this sort of gallery is to have a really interesting “story” that the sales consultants can remember and so can repeat it to the prospective buyers. Dali’s melting clocks and the strange stories about them always fascinates people. In your case for example, suppose you paint solemn birds in cages. Your story might be about the fact that you were confined to an orphanage for years. That could be developed into a really interesting story. Not your story perhaps but what compels you to paint the way that you do? Just remember the collector wants to have a simple yet emotionally moving story to pass on to neighbors as he or she shows off the latest art acquisition. One other thing, if the gallery looks a little exclusive, it’s easier get top prices for simple or even unknown work.

The secret is for your artwork to be associated in some way with the “big boys and girls”. Rembrandt, Miro, Cassatt, Picasso etc. The gallery may not sell too many of those premium artists’ work but the advantage to the gallery and to you is that carrying such big names enhances the value of any local artist whose work they also feature. Getting the best price is therefore the meshing together of a series of factors which will allow your work to appear to have a premium value. You as the artist are actually in control of most of these factors. Your choice of galleries is very important. You have to polish your “legend” so that when you approach the galleries your presentation will be smooth and believable, so it will be easy for the gallery to accept your work. Don’t be too temperamental, and remember you are not Picasso, at least not yet!

My recommendation is to sell your work outright to the gallery if they offer to buy it. They’ll put the prices up higher than usual because they’re taking a big risk. Also they’ll want to put in a lot of price flexibility if they need to discount for a “package deal”. The advantage is that you will have money coming in fairly regularly.

Another advantage for the artist who deals with such a gallery is that he or she can point to the serious retail prices that the work is going for. If an artist is privately approached they can justify a higher price than they might otherwise be able to ask. Also the price asked in the gallery, will often be higher than what consigned artwork might be selling for

The pressure to sell work, purchased outright, will be on the gallery personnel and with a good story to tell and some adequate sales training, the Art Consultants will vie to place your work in their clients’ homes. Generally, a client progresses from a small initial purchase to a fairly substantial purchase within the first few months of their relationship with the gallery. Not all clients respond to sales calls from their art consultants but those that do really help to drive the market. If your work becomes hot than these consultants will make every effort to sell your latest work to their clients first. Also they usually get a commission and that usually makes them work a bit harder.

Finally, a really good location is best so look for the gallery that has it and also has expensive looking framing. Once your work starts selling and if you eventually do some tertiary works such as prints, drawings, pastels etc., you really will have it made but don’t forget, it all depends on you and how hard you work at making your images as interesting as the “story” the art consultants tell the public.

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