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The Best CBD Brands: Your Dog Deserves To Be Healthy and Free from any Health Issues

Even dogs can also get the benefits of using CBD oil. According to study, CBD is also effective in providing treatment for dogs that experience anxiety, stress, sleep disorder, inflammation, pain and other health issues. Hence, if you are a dog owner, you certainly want the best for your dog’s health specially if your pet is suffering from any of those problems. Using CBD oil might be one of the best ways to do it. However, with several brands in the market, it is quite hard to choose the best one. So to help you out, here are the top 3 CBD oil brands that you may want to consider.

Royal CBD

One of the best CBD brands that you can find in the market is the Royal CBD. It has been gaining popularity because of its quality and effective results. This brand has won several awards for their CBD capsules, oils and topicals from various organizations around the state. The company offers oils that have less than 0.3% YHC. This amount of THC is not capable of making users high. Hence, their products are definitely safe for your dog as long as you are using it in reasonable doses. It is advisable to use 250 mg bottle of oils for small dogs. On the other hand, it is recommended to use 500 mg bottle for larger dogs. The only downside of Royal CBD is that it lacks pet-friendly favors such as bacon and tuna. Also, they have no physical stores. You have to order from their brand online and use CBDistillery coupon code.

NuLeaf Naturals

Another great CBD brands in the market is NuLeaf Naturals. If you want to go natural when it comes to CBD products, then this brand is certainly the best option for you. The company has been recognized as one of the first companies to enter the market and produce high quality oil at a decent rate of cost. The company offers specific CBD label oil that is made with a top-notch full spectrum CBD. In addition, customers can also choose from wide variety of bottle sizes that will match to their budget.  The downside of this brand is that customers cant choose a lower potency option for smaller dogs. The brand has good rating from customers on its product potency, purity and safety, transparency and customer service. 

Gold Bee CBD Oil 

Last on our list is Gold Bee CBD. This company may be a small one but it is definitely picking up speed fast. The firm utilizes small bacth model for CBD oil manufacturing so they will be able to keep a tight grip on the final quality of its oils. Despite Gold Bee is a small company, it has won several awards for the quality of their products specially CBD oil. Surely, this brand’s oil is well-suited for your dog. All their products are tested for quality transparency in a third party lab. However, customers can only buy one bottle for their CBD oils.

With all the benefits of CBD oil both to human and dogs, it is not surprising why a lot of people are buying the best cbd for pain and other health issues. These benefits have been positively attested and backed up by some research and studies and so as the feedback and reviews from customers. However, before trying any product, it is important to consult with the experts or the vets in order to ensure that your dog’s health condition is well suited for any CBD products. The safety and health of your pet should always be on top of the priority

HTML Editors and Myspace

Myspace was one of the pioneers of the social networking sites online, launching in 2003, and its extensive fan base has made it a huge hit among all levels of computer intellectuals. Trying to stay one set ahead of the competition, Myspace has allowed its members to create personalized profile pages using html web codes. Using these types of web tools, users can cut and paste pre-fabricated web designs into their profile pages, which changes the background, colors and widgets on their profile page.

MySpace is a social networking site that allows its users to create unique profile pages that fit their tastes and characteristics. Html codes are used to personalize the theme and background of a users personal profile. When a member first signs up for Myspace, she is given a default page that looks like all other unedited profile pages. In order to change the look of this standard default page, a user must implement the use of html codes. Installing html codes is simple, whether you understand web coding or not. Once you find a theme, background or picture editor that you’d like to add to your profile, you simply cut and paste the pre-coded html into a section on your profile. The “About Me” section is the most common place for adding html theme codes. If the code has been added correctly, the entire page of your profile will automatically change to the theme you chose.

Myspace is all about the ability to create a personalized space for each of its members and html coding is one of the best ways to do this. Web coding can be difficult and complicated, but html editors make the process of personalization much easier for Myspace members. Members who either have no background or a limited knowledge of computer programming and website coding can still personalize their web pages by using one of the hundreds of free Myspace editors available on the web. Most html codes used on Myspace are pre-fabricated by a computer programmer or html coding amateur and all the user needs to do is cut and paste the code into their profile page. Html codes can create a personalized feel to member profiles by adding unique graphics, colors and toolbars.

There are several different types of Myspace editors available to members. Some html codes can be used individually to create a unique background, while others will simply change the color, size and font of text. There are also html codes that add widgets to Myspace pages and picture graphics that allow users to create slideshows and 3-D scrapbooks for placement onto their profile pages. Other Myspace editors will use specialized html coding to personalize the entire profile page with a unique theme, changing the background, widgets, color, fonts and pictures all at once in order to fit the selected theme. There are many free html editing options available, which allow users to browse generic themes and simply cut and paste the html code into a section on their profile page. Other html editors will offer personalized services for a nominal fee. These editors will create a more personalized page that fits the specific needs and desires of the user.

Html editors used to personalize MySpace pages will add an array of unique characteristics to your profile page, no matter what your tastes. Music lovers can enjoy personalized playlists and decorate their background with pictures of their favorite band. Fashion aficionados can implement background codes with a shoes and clothes theme and add eye-catching effects like shooting stars and glitter. Some html codes offer animated backgrounds, moving images, 3-D graphics and even text generators to member profiles.

The 3-D animation and graphics provided are of extreme high quality that has proven to be a benchmark for fashion icons and most people refuse to believe that it is made for HTML but this is a testimony of what a web design company Sydney is capable of.

As Myspace security increases, so do the technologies for the devices used to hack them. Myspace does not market any of the html editors available, which means the security of these codes are left solely to the discretion of designers and users. Members should be aware of hackers who often use encrypted html code to access user profiles for phishing, spamming and sending viruses. Security issues have been a problem in the past. ‘Samy’, an XXS worm, exploited a flaw in Myspace security in 2005. In 2006, QuickTime videos used in personalizing profiles, were found to carry embedded links that opened login windows used for phishing. Malware embedded into html codes can be used to track your key strokes, so be aware of where your getting your pre-fabricated codes and how you use them.

Secrets to Finding Your Lifetime Soulmate and Lasting Marriage from “Lord of the Rings”

Do you want to get married to that “someone special” but you’re afraid of breaking up after investing your love, your money, and the best years of your life? Believe it or not, you can find some powerful secrets to a successful wedding and lasting marriage in the hugely popular “Lord of the Rings” triology! Now wait a minute, before you think I’m nuts, hear me out. I might just be able to give you a tool you can secretly use to screen out the losers and users from your true soulmate.

If you’re racking your brain going – “‘Marriage? marriage?’ I don’t remember anything about love and marriage in the ‘Lord of the Rings’! It was all about hacking up mythical monsters with swords!” – you’re only half right! While the trilogy is a mythical tale of valor and violence in order to save Middle Earth, there’s a way to use the trilogy as a screening tool to see if the person you’re pouring your heart out to is a “keeper” who has the character to make a relationship work long term.

Please understand, don’t use JUST this simple test to make a decision that affects the rest of your life. This screening tool is just a common sense step – it doesn’t replace premarital surveys about “compatability” or other things you need to do to confirm your decision. It is a way to know in the first 10 hours of spending time together whether you share the same values or if your potential soulmate is really there just to use you and dump you when the newness wears off. The return of the king extended version is over 4 hours long to watch for the audience. The meaning of the drama should be understandable for the person with the watch. 

First, when you’re starting to experience the euphoria that comes by thinking “I’ve found my soulmate”, recognize that it may just be a wave of emotions hitting you hard. Step back and suggest that you spend some time watching your “favorite movie ever” – the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

Then watch it!

Here are the clues to look for:

  1. If they are willing to do what you want to do for this “marathon” session of 3 movies, that’s a start.


  1. The real key is to watch how they react to key characters and scenes in the trilogy. Even if they’ve seen the trilogy a dozen times and have lost their initial “oohs and aahs” an important clue is how this potential soulmate who’s a marriage prospect reacts to the relationship between Sam and Frodo. Nonchalantly comment on Sam’s faithfulness and see what kind of conversation develops.

Here’s why: True lifetime soulmates and good potential marriage partners are going to face all of life together. Inevitably that can mean stress, pressure, arguments, and sadness. It will be the complete opposite of the wave of euphoria that usually begins a relationship and lasts the first few years.

You want to know “when the going gets rough, will this person value faithfulness, loyalty, and endurance?”

Though Sam and Frodo are just best friends, they go through hell together, fight, argue, and have to forgive each other. They are united by their friendship and mission in the same way a lifetime soulmate and marriage partners need to be united.

If you get reactions to Sam like “what a dope!” that’s not a good sign. It’s not a great sign if you mention all this and they half-heartedly say “oh yeah, that too.” If by the end of watching the trilogy, your potential soulmate can’t see that the theme of the trilogy is that virtues like humility, perseverance, faithfulness and loyalty win out – will they recognize the faithfulness and loyalty needed to make a relationship work?

“Character carries over.” What people value watching epics like the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy carries over into daily life.

Don’t waste the best years of your life playing soulmate and getting married to someone who, in the end, will turn out to be a dork, if not an “orc”.

Invest a few hours watching the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (or other shows that portray the values you hold dear) before you make up your mind about a soulmate and marriage!

How You Can Identify Predatory Lenders

The public’s inability to identify predatory lenders is part of the current housing crisis. Unfortunately, people took loans from unscrupulous individuals who didn’t care what happened to them. It is why so many people are losing their homes now. However, there is a way for everyone to avoid being in this type of situation in the future. Below are ten tips that will help anyone identify a predatory lender. They are ones the US Department of Housing and Urban Development discusses on their Website.

  1. The details of your loan are vague. Even when you ask the loan officer for more information, they skirt the question. They never give you a straight answer.
  2. Your loan papers have blanks on them. It’s time to sign your loan papers, but all of the terms and information isn’t completed on the forms. The loan officer is tells you that he or she will fill everything in as stated later on.
  3. You’re being asked to lie on your loan papers. The loan officer is telling you it’s necessary for you to get your new house. It’s just a little white lie and won’t mean anything.
  4. The loan amount is out of your income range. Other banks have turned you down for this amount or quoted you a much lower one. However, this new bank says it’s no problem.
  5. You are suddenly getting charged for extra fees. These fees are ones for services that you’ve never received on the property. Or, they are ones that normally aren’t a part of a sale of a home.
  6. The housing inspector and other professionals aren’t licensed. They actually have to work through another licensed party that you’ve never met to facilitate your loan. They try to convince you that it’s okay.
  7. The price of the home is much higher than surrounding ones. However, the quality of the home is the same. The real estate agent can’t really give you a concrete reason as to why.
  8. You are receiving intense pressure from the lender to sign the loan. They say it’s because they really want you to have the house. However, you are suspicious.
  9. The loan you are being offered is a high risk one (balloon loans, interest only, steep prepayments). It is not conventional and can create a financial crisis if you miss a payment.
  10. The lender, mortgage broker, appraiser or contractor has a bad reputation in the area. They say they’ve changed or the rumors are lies. Yet, you are unsure.

Being wary of these ten things will help you avoid being taken advantage of by a predatory lender. You can also check out if you want to ensure utmost safety and security. For more information, visit the Website ran by HUD. Knowledge is power and will help you avoid being scammed.

4 Cheap, Scary Video Games to Play on Halloween

Looking for something scary to do on Halloween? There’s nothing better than a good scary video game, but with games costing around $60 new, Halloween gamers may want to look to some of the classic for their ghoulish gaming needs.

  1. Alien Vs. Predator 2

Platform: PC. Cost: $20 or less.

An oldie but a goodie, Alien Vs. Predator 2 was the sequel to the almost-spectacular, uh, Alien Vs. Predator 1, and it corrected a lot of the problems in that game.

No matter what part it maybe, alien Vs predator is one game that keeps getting better with each sequel that comes out and gives its predecessor a run for its money which is not even possible for Pokemon go accounts.

You can play as either an alien, a predator, or a marine, and while the alien and predator scenarios lend a feeling of almost unbeatable power, the Marine scenario is scary enough to make you start boarding up your doors. Knowing that you’re the weakest thing on the playing field, that your success is directly tied to how long your ammo will last, and hearing the cruel lonely beep of your motion detector gives the player the feeling that they’re trapped in the second Alien movie–and never goes into the hyperbole of the next three movies or the disastrous Alien Vs. Predator movie, by the way.

The good news is that you should be able to find a copy of this for under $10, and nearly any computer will run it. The bad news is that you’ll most likely have to hit the ‘net to find it, but a little persistence is worth it for this awesome title.

  1. F.E.A.R.

Platform: PC and Xbox360. Cost: $20-30

This classic first-person-shooter/horror game started out on the PC, although it’s since appeared on the Xbox 360 as well.

You fight your way through numerous levels packed with fantastic AI and some creepy ghosts, including one kid that’s haunted my dreams like nothing since The Shining. The levels do get a bit repetitive, but the jumpy moments will keep you playing until the last bullets and ghosts fly.

  1. Blair Witch Project 2

Platform: PC. Cost: Under $20

If you can track down a copy of this cult classic, all of your memories of the dismal Blair Witch sequel will be laid to rest.

Normally, movie-to-game franchises aren’t great–in fact, this game may seem a tad dated in light of modern hits like Bioshock. Still, the what-the-hell-is-going-on feeling makes you realize that you can die at any point in the game without knowing what happened. And you do.

The puzzles and chilling environments made this title stand out; sadly, perhaps because of the film franchise’s lackluster nature, Blair Witch 2 wasn’t a big hit at the time of its release and the series ended up dying mysteriously in the woods. For Halloween gaming, though, there’s no weirder and scarier title on the PC.

  1. Resident Evil 4

Platform: Gamecube, PS2, Wii. Cost: $15-30

This game’s only about $30 now on Wii, and cheaper if you can find it on PS2 or Gamecube. It’s still the best installment in the Resident Evil series, and even the acting’s alright. You’ll come for the Spanish zombies and stay for the brutal violence, through its groundbreaking gameplay that’s so solid that you won’t even mind the random “Press the button or lose!” sections.

The Playstation and Wii versions also have additional levels, and make a good case for Resident Evil IV being one of the scariest games of all time.

How to Forward Ports on a Wireless Router

Port forwarding is a necessity for some programs to function correctly, whether it’s a web server, a video game, bandwidth place, or even a simple instant messaging program. Typically any program that interacts with the internet or other network can benefit from having the ports on your router forwarded.

However, not everyone knows how to forward the ports on their wireless router, and if you’re reading this I assume you’re not quite sure how to either. But not to worry, in this guide I’ll show you step-by-step how to forward the ports on your wireless router.

Step 1: Finding Your Router’s Internal IP Address

In order to forward ports on your wireless router, you’ll need to connect to it by entering its internal IP address into your browser’s address bar.

The most common IP addresses for wireless routers are and However, if neither of these work then you’ll have to manually find out what your router’s IP address is. You’ll be doing this through the Windows command prompt.

In Windows XP and older you’ll need to open up the command prompt by clicking Start and then Run, and type in cmd. For Windows Vista and 7 you’ll need to click Start, then type cmd into the search and then open it.

After you’ve opened the command line, type in ipconfig. Look for the line that says “Default Gateway”, the number next to this is your wireless router’s internal IP address.

Now that you have your router’s IP address you can go to your router’s config page by typing in the IP address in your web browser’s address bar. If you are asked to type in a username and password you may need to consult your router’s manual, but typically both the username and password will bet set to admin by default.

Step 2: Identifying the Ports

Before you begin forwarding ports you’ll need to figure out which ports you need to forward. Each program will use a different port, so you’ll need to figure out which one the program you’re using needs forward.

You can easily find this out by either by reading the program’s manual or support page or by doing a quick Google search for it.

Step 3: Forwarding the Ports

Now that you’re on your wireless router’s config page and know the ports you need to forward, you can begin actually forwarding the ports.

First, you’ll need to navigate to the port forwarding section of your router’s config page. Depending on your router’s brand and model, this page may be called a few different things. Typically this page will have an obvious name, such as “Port forwarding”, “Port config”, or “Applications and Gaming”.

Once you’re on the port forwarding page you may begin forwarding the ports you need to. This part is pretty simple, all you need to do is type in a name for the port, type in the port you want to be forwarded and then click Apply (Or some variation of, depending on your router).

Depending on the model and brand of your router, you may also need to enter your computer’s IP address, or at least the last few numbers of it. If you don’t know what it is, you may do the same you did to find your router’s IP address, only this time look for the number next to “IP Address”.

Step 4: Testing

After you’ve forwarded your ports, you may begin testing to see if it worked correctly.

If it worked correctly, then congratulations! If not, you’ll want to recheck everything in the previous steps and make sure you’ve entered everything correctly. Sometimes the error could be a simple typo or a misplaced number.


After reading this guide, you should now know how to successfully forward the ports on your wireless router. In the future, you’ll do the same for every other port you may wish to forward as well.

The Expansion Of Video Game Language

The world of modern online video games has brought an interesting twist to the English language. Very often you will eavesdrop into a conversation about someone getting “owned” or “tea-bagged.” These words are mainly used when someone gets badly beaten in the game they are playing.
The Term “Noob” or “Newb.”

Noobs also known as newbs, or n00bs, are commonly referred to as people who are beginners at whatever task they are performing. They probably know very little about something, and often fail. According to Urban Dictionary , there are three distinct definitions for the word noob. N00bs know very little, and have no will to learn anymore about what they’re doing, and newbs are actually willing to learn, and fix their errors to move out of this stage.


The unofficial word “pwned” is simply a corrupt version of the word “owned.” The word appears to have originated through World of Warcraft, and has otherwise spread throughout the online gaming world. The word simply means to become dominated by an opponent.

Pokemon go iv calculator is one of the best games in the modern times that was launched nearly two decades back and has withstood the test of time, be it in video game or cartoon form and is right up there as far as powerful opponents go.


When someone is “salty” they are usually upset, or angry. They could have simply been humiliated by another person, resulting in an increase in their sodium levels. When someone is salty they act bitter, which is relevant because too much salt has a bad taste. Other versions of the word salty include ‘saltaine’, and the more revolutionized unofficial term, ‘saltainaker’.

Bad Kid

In the online gaming community the word “bad kid” is generally used excessively. A bad kid is someone who is considered bad at the game they are playing. This person is extremely cocky, and believes they actually have skills. Bad kid is a fairly new term that usually replaces the word “noob.”

Lag or Laggy

Lag is often a newbies excuse for losing. However, occasionally there will be “real” lag. Lag can be defined as slow application responses, or choppy frame rates resulting in latency. This normally happens with slow connections.

Tea Bag

A tea bag is the act of lowering the crotch area into someone else’s mouth. This act is normally seen when someone with a big ego thinks he/she is better than everyone else. Normally this act is frowned upon by everyone else.

Online gaming has expanded and introduced new words into the English language. Eventually you can be having entire conversations with these terms alone.

There are several other words that are also considered “Internet talk” such as troll, QQ, umad, and much more. It is important to understand these words to make sure you don’t become someone else’s joke. So next time someone calls you a “newb” you can call them a “bad kid” and leave them dumbfounded.

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are created with mutual understanding, commitment, and mutual efforts making any relationship just perfect. As people read Best Love status they can learn about some of the most important things that they should be paying attention to as they get into a relationship.

However, it is really important that you pay attention to your relationship and improve it over time. Here are the top 10 ways that will help you in improving your relationship with your partner.

  • Communication is really important as you are in a relationship. It is really important that you communicate and share your feelings with your partner so that you both know what is going in your minds.

  • For instance, if you feel like hugging your partner you should tell them that you want to hug them, You can also ask them about how was their day and asking something new to your partner is going to enhance your relationship so that you get hold meaningful and deep conversations with your partner.
  • Putting an extra effort so that you can make your partner feel special is definitely going to help you improve your relationship. You can designate weekly date nights where you guys can hold each other and spend quality time with each other and share your feelings and emotions with each other bonding over different things.
  • As you talk to your partner it is really important that you appreciate them and make them more comfortable around yourself. Paying attention to their body language and their voice will tell how they are feeling emotionally. That way you will be able to bond with your partner even more as they will realize you value them.
    Feeling thankful for their presence is another sweet gesture that will help you in gaining the trust of your partner.
  • If possible you should tweak your schedule so that you can get in touch or meet your partner a little more. For instance, you can go to a gym with your partner a little early than your usual time, or you can get up early to complete your work so that you can go out with them. It is really important that you do not sacrifice your life for your partner but these little tweaks in your schedule are definitely worth it.
  • As you talk with your partner it is really important that you pay attention to all the little things that they talk about. You can take a note of all such things and help your partner with that. This way they will realize that you pay attention to all the little details that they share with you and will show them that you are important to them.

  • It is really important that you let go of the things that happened in the past. The reason why most of the relationships end and it can get really difficult to move forward within a relationship if you are thinking about the things that happened in the past.
  • It is also important that you respect each other’s private space as you communicate with each other on a daily basis. It is really important that your messages or calls are not disturbing your partner and affecting them professionally. This will improve your relationship significantly over time as you both will get closer to each other.
  • Knowing when you should apologize to your partner is also important. If you and your partner are arguing over each other you should try to get the situation under control by apologizing to your partner so that both of you can calm yourselves and handle the situation more effectively.
  • Being in a relationship does not mean that you have to devote all of your time to your partner. It is really important that you pay attention to your personal growth as well. It is really important that both you and your partner grow personally within the relationship. This is an effective way through which you can improve your relationship with your partner making your relationship healthier and happier.

  • Lastly, it is really important that you spend a lot of time with your partner so that you can get to know each other better. This is really important in order to grow your relationship over time. You get to discover each other’s personalities and habits even more.

These are the best tips that you need to keep in mind in order to grow your relationship in a healthy way with your partner.

Medicine Cabinet Installation Tips

Installing a medicine cabinet is not all that difficult using linear guides and I speak from experience. Back when I was single I used to have to do small things by myself and learned as I went along. One of the tasks I understood in my home was the installation of a brand new medicine cabinet that I had proudly purchased.

Here are ten tips to help you install a medicine cabinet successfully in your home.

1) Will you be installing a recessed medicine cabinet or nonrecessed/surface mounted medicine cabinet?

2) If you decide that you wish to install a recessed cabinet then you will need to see what is inside of the wall. You don’t want to place the cabinet where there is a large vent pipe or any load-bearing framing. These would be too difficult to deal with and it is better to just place the cabinet away from these challenges. If you want the medicine cabinet to go on the wall no matter what then simply by a nonrecessed/surface mount medicine cabinet for ease of installation.

3) Most medicine cabinets come with easy to follow directions so be sure to remove these from the box and see exactly what tools you will need for the installation process so you can gather them all together and begin to utilize them. You will normally need a level, stud finder, drill, drill bits, saw, Sawzall, drywall screws, level, and cabinet screws.

4) You will want to mount your medicine cabinet 72 inches off the floor to the top of the cabinet. This is a good rule of thumb but some people are simply short so you might want to adjust it to fit your requirements.

5) If you are installing a recessed medicine cabinet the odds are you will be faced with cutting away a stud. You will cut through the wall and disconnect it from the fasteners in the back.

6) Once the stud is completely out of the way you will need to install a frame. To do this install 2×4 vertical and horizontal blocking to build a frame. With this frame, you will be able to easily slide the medicine cabinet into place.

7) The lip of the cabinet will hide the cut in the drywall so there will be no noticeable cuts once the cabinet is securely into the hole you cut into the wall.

8) Normally the medicine cabinet will come with all screws and accessories but if it does not be sure to purchase actual drywall screws for securing the edges of the cabinet.

9) If you are installing a nonrecessed/ surface mount medicine cabinet then it will come in handy to have a stud finder. You will need to mount the wall surface medicine cabinet securely to a stud. Studs are normally spaced 16 inches apart in a wall.

10) It will also come in handy to have a level on hand to make sure that all cuts are level and straight. This will also come in handy when the medicine cabinet is actually installed. Most directions do not ask you to use a level but if you want a professional appearance then I strongly suggest the use of a level.

The Law Of Attraction: A Personal Experience

I definitely believe in the Law Of Attraction and reading Manifestation Magic Review 2020 is how I realized that this is all real. It was way before I ever saw the movie “The Secret” so, at the time, I didn’t recognize it as being the Law Of Attraction at work. But years later, I saw the movie “The Secret” and it was like a light bulb went off as I realized that what had occurred years earlier was because of the Law Of Attraction….and I literally wept and so did my middle son.

Now to explain what took place…When we lived in Florida in a small rented single wide and barely scraping by…we used to pass this one large piece of vacant property that was fenced totally and it had the most mature and beautiful oak trees on it with Spanish moss hanging from them. Well, I thought this was the most beautiful piece of property in our entire area and I couldn’t pass by there without looking at it and saying out loud, “One day that will be mine!”

Now I didn’t have one penny saved and my family thought I was talking crazy, but I never once entertained any negative thoughts about it….nor did I try to figure out how it was going to be possible.

It wasn’t for sale and I was literally broke. I did have a job but everything that we made went back out. About a year went by and as I was driving past, I looked over as usual and there was a for-sale sign on the front gate…I was in the car alone and I literally stopped in the road, backed up in the road, and pulled in to call the number on my cell phone. I talked to the owner and he said that he had just put the signup and barely gotten back home when I called. He invited me to come over and discuss the details. I completely forgot why I was going to town in the first place and rushed over there. He was willing to owner finance with $1000 down for 10 yrs…I just happened to have the $1000 because I had just gotten my tax refund back…so I gave him the money and signed the papers immediately. I was so thrilled and went home and told my family what happened!! I tried to tell them all along I knew that “One day that would be mine” like I always said…With the rest of the tax money, we bought a big doublewide and had it put on the middle of the property…the property turned out to be 5 acres all cut and completely fenced when I got it. We lived there for 7 yrs…then had to sell it to move to Ga. nearer my aging mom…I hated to sell it, as we had hopes of building a home on it someday, but my mom was more important.

I saw the movie “The Secret” years after we came to Ga. and it dawned on me that the Law Of Attraction had definitely occurred in my acquiring the Florida property. I was so broke and couldn’t scape two nickels together but I never tried to figure anything out…I just persistently claimed it as being mine and never once entertained any negative thoughts about it. The universe worked it out where it became available right when I had money to acquire it.

I have 3 sons and my middle son I watched “The Secret” alone together and he also wept because he also realized the power of what had taken place in our own lives.

SO if you happen to think that it doesn’t work or have any doubts what-so-ever…think again! I have had at least 2 other instances where it has worked for me….and I am actively applying the Law of Attraction to my life….especially now that I know what it is and how to harness that power….the power of the mind and the universe to bring about positive change! We can bring about positive change!

That change starts with our own thinking and attitude! So from this day forward, don’t entertain any negative thoughts…banish them completely! Stake your claim and stand your ground! Don’t try to figure out the details…Leave the details to the universe…just know that your claim is yours!

I have enjoyed sharing my own personal experience with everyone here and hope that it helps anyone that is even somewhat skeptical about the Law Of Attraction….all I can say is that you have nothing to lose and so much more to gain by believing and applying it!

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